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Is There a Doctor in the House?

Care and comfort. Anyone who has ever needed medical assistance personally or for a loved one knows firsthand that you can't really know the complete feeling of one without the other. The professional care staff at MediLodge of Rochester Hills demonstrates this as part of their training. You will not find more qualified, 7-day-a-week physician coverage in the MediLodge of Rochester Hills area.

How does that relate to our patients on a daily basis? Let’s walk through the basics. Our client stat-info system is in constant update mode. That’s probably true in any well-run patient care home. Nurses and care staff make their rounds, input data, and give out prescribed meds. However, we stand out in face-to-face, doctor-to-patient interaction. In other words, our doctors are always there in person, every day of the week. The care staff is able to voice any concerns they may have straight away and straight to them. This results in a deep knowledge of patients’ potential issues and emotional states. Of course, this also means our staff can head off a lot of avoidable problems before extreme measures become necessary.

Why Do We Put so Much Effort Into the Patient-Doctor Relationship?

Many quality medical services depend on it. Wound care, heart health, and dietary concerns often overlap. Daily, we prove that physicians who specialize in the unique field of senior health can diagnose and treat emerging conditions more reliably. We ensure the comfort that comes from interactive professional care.

Overall, our staff members receive support from each other through their common goals and daily meetings. The nursing, physician, and administration departments at MediLodge of Rochester Hills all join in their efforts to deliver the best care and consider the best options. Of course, they have proven that team-based care is the only model that works. More importantly, it's what wins us our patients' trust every day. You can't get more qualified medical care than seven-day-a-week physician coverage!

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